Okay. It happens. Everyone who keeps bees knows the ugly truth–sometimes the stinger goes where you wish it wouldn’t. This week I broke my cardinal rule. To get a better grip on my hive tool I removed one of my gloves. In that split second, one of my bees crawled up my sleeve and, you guessed it, I got tagged. No biggie. I’m not allergic, but, it still…stings.

On the writing front all is well. Last month I attended Penned Con in St. Louis and came away with all kinds of new marketing ideas. One– make sure your book covers reflect your genre– inspired me to redo mine. Sexy new book covers for ‘Irredeemable’ and ‘Insurmountable’ are in the works and should be up soon.

‘Irreplaceable’ is almost writing itself. I can’t wait to finish it so the full story of Scotty, Apple, and my favorite, Rose, can at last see the light of day.

As always, thanks for stopping by. I love you all.

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