What’s the current buzz?

The bees have been interesting. Had one colony swarm. The colony that didn’t had a hearty summer storing up honey for the winter. I had so much honey left over from last season I didn’t extract any this season so they’ll have more than enough to over-winter.

The insects aren’t the only busy creatures at my house. I’m hard at work on novel number four, Lillian Grace’s back story. Fans of the ‘Irredeemable’ series will recognize Miss Lillian as Apple’s Gram.

Also, I’ve joined the Board of Red Hen Press. I am really impressed by the good work that they do in the LA community promoting writing and literature in the schools and supporting all of the arts. Hopefully I can bring some value to the table and in return learn as much as I can about the business of book publishing and the partnerships required to make it work.

Stay safe. Wear your mask!

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