What’s the New Buzz?

Hello Dear Readers,
So much is percolating I don’t know where to begin. First, Irreplaceable is in final edit and will soon be ready to submit to agents and publishers. Can’t wait. Second, I will be touring a Pasadena press next month. Never seen one so that’s really exciting. Who knows? My books may find a home there.

On the dog front, my Tesla took Best in Show Companion at the IABCA event at Purina last November. She will test for her Therapy Dog certification this Saturday. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile, Ponyo continues to shine as a Therapy Dog. I’m a proud pup mom.

Regarding the bees, that mean colony is overwintering just fine and will be ready to sting me in the spring.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Great news, dear readers. Old Dogs is back from the printer and ready for your enjoyment. Hit me up if you want a copy. In other news, Irredeemable and Insurmountable are both out for consideration by agents. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that both find a good home. Finishing touches being put on Irreplaceable.… Continue Reading

Baby Bees

Okay, so another colony failed to survive the unusually cold winter. It’s sad, but it happens. Bee farming has its ups and downs. On the up side, a nuc arrives next month and we get to start over. Hope we’ll have better results this year than last. Continue Reading

What’s the Buzz?

It’s cold, again. I’ve been feeding bee candy and hoping for the best. Hopefully my bees are warm enough inside the hive. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. On the writing front, I’m still receiving snaps from friends of their ‘Old Dogs.’ I can’t believe how the project has taken on a life of its own… Continue Reading


Okay. It happens. Everyone who keeps bees knows the ugly truth–sometimes the stinger goes where you wish it wouldn’t. This week I broke my cardinal rule. To get a better grip on my hive tool I removed one of my gloves. In that split second, one of my bees crawled up my sleeve and, you… Continue Reading

Bees, bees, bees!

Okay, so the baby bees have grown into big, fat, busy ones and are hanging out on the front of the hive ‘bearding’ to catch a breeze. Both colonies appear to be doing fine. I’ve supered up both and am keeping out an eye for swarming. On the writing front, progress to report. ‘Insurmountable’ is… Continue Reading


Hello Dear readers, ‘Irreplaceable’ is coming along nicely.. the first chapters have been sent off to my beta readers.The story seems to be meeting with their enthusiastic approval, thank goodness. I trust my readers’ opinions. If the new story, this one all about Rose, didn’t tickle their fancies I’d stop and seriously consider whether to… Continue Reading

Dead out

We’re having a cold snap here in Missouri. Went out to check the hives and found a dead-out. So sad, looks like they froze to death because they were too weak to keep themselves warm. Despite treating for mites and vigilant monitoring, I suspect the invaders won. Will be ordering a nuc come February to… Continue Reading

Insurmountable is Done!

Edited and ready,’Insurmountable’ is in the can. Now I’m hard at work on ‘Irreplaceable,’ Rose’s story. Stay tuned, dear readers. In the mean time temps have dropped below freezing here in Missouri. Made a big batch of hard candy for my bees. I’m also trying the commercial patties and will see which one the bees… Continue Reading